Why Your Expectations May Be Holding You Back

Is Your Life Structured Around your many expectations of how you think it is supposed to be?

I couldn't imagine not being creative, from a very young age I was dreaming up ways to make something out of things around the house. I would put together these ridiculous outfits and play outside for hours with my sister and cousins imagining and creating forts to play in and other worlds to conquer.

We lived next door to my grandmas house so there was always someone we could play with. We would explore the old shed of my grandpas to see what we could discover without getting into too much mischief. We would bring blankets and pillows in the grass and eat Popsicle's when it was hot outside. Before the internet, when we were kids our main goal was to have fun.

Laughing, being silly, carefree... no expectations. Except maybe, when dinner was ready.   

Wouldn't it be great if we let some of those memories we had as a kid influence our lives today? Instead of expecting someone or something to make you happy, you could let go the many expectations and be happy anyway. Below I've compiled some ideas to get you started and not letting it hold you back.

-Make our own fun, be playful with your kids and laugh at ridiculous things, just enjoy the moment.

-Life is way too short to take yourself and your creative business so serious that you can't have a good time. It's easy to get wrapped up in the everyday hustle of work and life. Things are hard, I get that. For those days it's ok to give  yourself some time to go for a walk, listen to some of your favorite music maybe call a friend you haven't talked to in a while.

Happiness = reality - expectations

-It's important for you to have balance. But after a you do that you need to need to push forward. Don't let not meeting your expectations stand in the way of doing what it takes to make you happy. Make your goals a priority and do things that will make a difference and move you forward.

-One of the best ways for you to bring more joy into your life is letting go of the many expectations you do have. Take a look at the way you are spending your free time. A big change for me was when I started being more conscious of the things I was doing that made me feel sluggish and have no energy. At the end of the day I wasn't doing what I had on my list. I realized I wasn't working out when I wake up and I know that when I do I feel better and I have a lot more energy to keep up with the day.

- Being grateful for all you have now. My little girl is what makes me happy and I'm so grateful to be her mom.  I don't want her to ever think that she can't set the bar high and meet her own goals but I do want her to know that happiness is a choice. You can do and be whatever you want. It's worth the effort.

 -Lastly go places and do things that get your creative juices flowing, I love going to thiftstores and looking at all the old treasures,  especially thinking of what can be re-created and made into something new. It always sparks my creativity and inspires me to get busy with my own designs.

Expectations aren't necessarily a bad thing either. You want to have expectations with others and in your work ethic and quality of your designs, however it's not the only thing that you must strive for in order to be happy.