Top 7 Things I wished I would have known before I started my handmade business

10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I started my handmade business

Top 7 Things I Wished I Would Have Known When Starting My Business in no particular order.

  1. You must be really committed to what you are doing because being a business owner is a lot of work. In the beginning it’s about the passion and dream you have but after a few years the fun and excitement wears off. There is orders to package, pictures to edit and products to make. Things don’t get done by themselves and people don’t know you need help unless you ask.
  2. Don’t take criticism personally, there are people that don’t understand that your creative business is more than a hobby. You’re not at home watching Netflix all day, you actually  have working hours and deadlines you must meet. It doesn’t mean that you over explain what you do or try to make others like what you do. Believe in your ideas and go after them.
  3. Say no to wasting time comparing yourself and your creative business with someone else. There was a time I would get so paralyzed with scrolling Etsy and comparing my Etsy shop with another shop similar to us. I’d think that their bags were so much better than ours would cause me not to list anything and I would feel crappy about our designs. But then I stopped looking at other bag shops altogether. I get inspiration from daughter + on days when I’m feeling not so inspired I play outside in nature or I’ll listen to an encouraging podcast.
  4. Invest in education early on, It's easier to take a course on how to start a creative business and marketing than it is to watch a thousand you-tube channels that don't really help at all. You know that the person has done it before and is sharing valuable information saving you time and money. I'm apart of a few membership programs and I love the community of like minded women also on a creative entrepreneurial path.
  5. Include your family and friends in on your big dreams and vision that you have for your creative business. Get them exited about too! Sometime they may have to help out with the housework or lend a hand at a craft show by helping unload and load your precious creations. Your kids will love being your little assistant and it's a great way to be an example showing them that you can do something you love!
  6. Being passionate about your big idea is not enough. It takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to create a something from start to finish + put it out into the world.  When you have deadlines to an employer its easy to prioritize and get the job done because there are expectations. Whenever you work for yourself you are your own boss and its easy to get side tracked into not doing the stuff that will make a difference. You could very quickly go down the rabbit whole of funny dog videos on Instagram is not an option You have to create your own expectations and balance work and home life. Make a plan and stick to it.
  7. There are so many reasons to be happy. It's OK if you're not where you think you should be in your creative business right now. Celebrate to small wins and how far you Have come over the past few years. Choosing to be happy in the hard times will give you the momentum to create more.