How I Got Started Using Essential Oils



In 2014 I was suffering with a toothache on a camping trip with family and my sister in law took me into her camper and fixed me up with peppermint and lavender, in a few minutes I had a tingling sensation on my neck and I felt relaxed.

I remember the wooden box full of these brown vials of oils I never heard of. I put a little peppermint on a Q-tip and rubbed it on my gum wear it was hurting after a few minutes my pain wasn't as intense as it had been. After that trip I wanted to know more..

Several years later and I'm a believer in their healing properties.

 ..and my family and I continue to use essential oils for different things like stomach ache, flu, allergies. There are so many ways a small bottle of a plant or herb can help you both physically and mentally.

It made sense to me to create a way for you to carry your beloved oils, for those moments you may need them. 

Our newest collection is just for those times, we have a variety of essential oil bag in pretty florals and cool prints in the shop now.